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Production Patrol

How many facilities can your pumpers inspect in a day?  Each of our pilots get a bird's eye view of over 500 facilities each day, not to mention the gathering systems to which right-of-ways often lack access.  Flying at 500 feet above ground level ensures that we catch even the smallest of leaks.

Our pilots inspect your assets including wells, pumps, gathering systems, batteries, water takeaway lines, and flow lines.  Most clients have us inspect several times per week to supplement their other leak detection efforts like sensors and pumpers. We don't replace the pumper; we help the pumper know what to prioritize.

Pipeline Patrol

DoT requires all pipeline easements to be inspected 26 times per year, and many of our customers prefer their pipelines be inspected more often to protect against the risk of lost revenue and remediation costs.  

Methane Detection

American Patrols is leading the way in Leak Protection services for our clients.  We have technology solutions to help you identify and prioritize your most costly leaks.  Please contact us to learn more.

Due Diligence Services (Pre-Buy Inspections)

We assist customers in their Phase I Environmental Site Assessment by inspecting leases, and reporting visible environmental issues.  Our aircraft can perform this task far more quickly than ground crews, and can inspect surfaces not visible from lease roads and pads.

Other Applications

We are also able to perform services like Storm Damage Assessments, Pipeline or Water Infrastructure Construction Assessments, Wind Turbine Inspections, Power Line Inspections, and Right-of-Way Surveys.

What happens when we find an issue?

Our Operations Desk will contact your designated Point of Contact with GPS coordinates, Facility Number (if applicable), and a description of the issue so that you can dispatch a pumper or contractor to remediate the issue.  This happens within minutes so you can act before a small issue becomes a big problem.  

Flying Airplanes - Isn't it expensive?

Actually, our planes are efficient and enable our pilots to inspect hundreds of facilities per day.  That speed and reach allows us to keep costs low on a per facility, or LOE, basis.

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