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American Patrols was founded in 1987 in Andrews, Texas and moved operations to Skywest Airport, South of Midland, Texas, to better serve its clients in 1993.

For over three decades American Patrols has performed aerial patrol services for Oil and Gas companies of all sizes.  Most of our customer relationships are measured in decades because we have successfully maintained a customer service oriented culture.

We've become such a staple in the Oilfield that we're often referred to as the "Red Tails" when spotted flying over head.  Our chosen paint pattern is an homage to all of our Veterans, and specifically to the  Tuskegee Airmen of World War II.

Our maintenance procedures are routinely reviewed by the FAA, and we choose to keep our maintenance in-house to ensure the highest standards of quality and up-time.  The only thing more important than serving our customers is the safety of our pilots. 

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