About Us


In 1987, American Patrols, Inc. was founded in Andrews, Texas by Jim Eaton.  He operated one airplane a few hours a week for one company.  The company moved their operation to Skywest Airport in Midland, Texas when Pat Day purchased it in 1993.  Today, our fleet has expanded to become the regions largest patrol operation with nine airplanes providing service to more than 30 companies in the West Texas and Southeast New Mexico area.  American Patrols, Inc. is locally-owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Tom and Paige Fulton. They have been involved in the aviation industry for over 20 years and have been with American Patrols, Inc. for a combined length of 29 years.


Commitment to Excellence

We seek not only to offer aerial patrol service, but also to lead in quality and dedication to our clients. We are constantly working on improvements to safety, flight performance, and exploring ways to better serve our clients.  Our strong commitment to excellence in service and training makes American Patrols, Inc. the clear choice for your aerial patrols.



Safety lays the foundation of every facet of our company.  At the very core of our safety programs is our pledge to exceed the FAA standards for flight training and maintenance.


Flight Training

Our comprehensive training program incorporates many aspects of the aviation industry that goes well beyond the level of basic aerial patrol.  We provide extensive instruction to our pilots on how to patrol safely and effectively, and to maximize their attention outside the airplane to find leaks and identify safety hazards.  We also focus on the oil industry, which gives both you and us the advantage. Armed with this knowledge, we have the most well trained professional pilots and that results in the safest operation.



The reliable and well-proven Cessna 172 is our airplane of choice for safe and economical patrol operations.  We maintain a high level of quality control by having all of our maintenance performed in house by IA and A&P certified mechanics.  Each airplane in our fleet also under goes the equivalent of two annual inspections per year.  By managing our fleet in this fashion, we know that we are keeping our airplanes in excellent condition and more importantly, keeping our pilots safe.







Why Choose American Patrols?


1. We are the largest aerial patrol operator in the Permian Basin region.  Our continued growth year after year speaks to our reputation.


2. Our training and maintenance programs are second to none.  The basis for safety starts with the education of our employees and maintenance our fleet.


3. We have the lowest costs available without sacrifice in quality of service.